Air Conditioner Repair: Time For A Replacement

You want your HVAC systems to run smoothly in the background–ideally, you won’t have to think about them much.  But if you’re dealing with multiple air conditioner repair calls, odds are your system is on your mind much more than you’d like.  While many air conditioner problems can be satisfactorily repaired by qualified technicians, sometimes it makes more sense to consider replacing the unit.  How can you tell whether you need a new unit?  Here’s a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Is Your System More Than 10 Years Old?

Aging systems can not only be unreliable, but environmentally unfriendly.  Newer systems are not only more efficient, but they have been designed to not require freon, which is generally regarded as harmful to the environment.  Finally, an older system can be difficult to acquire parts for.  If your system is more than a decade old and working erratically, it’s time to replace it.

  1. Are Repairs Getting Costly?

While we always try to give you the best price on service or air conditioning repair calls, sometimes older units are simply worn out and near the end of their life.  At that point, repair calls will continue to become more frequent, often racking up months of charges.  Rather than continuing to repair a failing unit, it can actually be less expensive to install a new, efficient air conditioner.

  1. Is It Hot In Here?

If you’re running your air conditioner and it’s not noticeably cooling your house, that’s a cue that something is wrong.  Before you decide to purchase a new unit, it’s worthwhile to ask for a service call, and make sure that the problem isn’t something as simple as dirty filters or a machine that needs a good cleaning.  But if you’ve been changing your filters regularly, keeping up with maintenance and service calls, and you’re still not getting the cooling you need, then that’s a sign that you might need a new unit.

We Can Assist You                                         

If you’re on the fence about whether you should purchase a new unit, we’re happy to come by, service your current air conditioner, and talk to you about the state of the unit.  We’re also always happy to discuss the line of high-quality air conditioning units that we install.

Don’t put up with constant repairs, lackluster cooling, unreliable performance, or sky-high energy bills.  Instead, add value to your home and comfort to your life.  Give us a call today, and let us help you choose a great new air conditioner.




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