Air Conditioning Repair

You know the syndrome: As the mercury begins to rise, your AC usage starts rising, too. By keeping your unit running all day, you risk hefty energy bills at the end of each month. Know, however, there are ways to keep your home cool and avoid excessive AC usage that leads to excessive expense in repairs.

Check the Attic for Proper Ventilation

The attic is often used as a storage area where unused or old possessions go, so, it’s only natural that you’d overlook its ventilation. This is a mistake, however, because a hotter attic makes your unit work harder throughout the day and prematurely wears down your shingles. If you touch your ceilings and they’re constantly hot, air is probably not escaping from the attic.

Installing roof vents usually ameliorates the problem. They come in many styles and sizes. Rectangular, hooded vents are particularly easy to install. Also durable, they effectively promote airflow throughout your attic. Once you’ve installed a couple of vents, your AC won’t work as hard, thereby reducing the need to call an air conditioning repair service in Orange County.

Use Ceiling Fans More Often

You can cut down on AC usage by keeping your home’s ceiling fans running more often. They can make the air feel cool without consuming nearly as much energy as your AC unit. Not all ceiling fans are created equal, however. For optimal airflow, install larger blades; they provide comparable cooling at a lower velocity than smaller fans. Also, consider installing multiple fans, depending on how large your rooms are.

Window fans can also alleviate your energy consumption. They are not difficult to install and work by impelling cool air from the outside. Some of them come equipped with thermostats, allowing you to set their temperatures and go about your day. For optimal results, install in-blowing and out-blowing fans or consider window fans with a reversible design.

There are many effective means to decrease your energy costs each month, rather than depending so heavily on your AC unit. If you need further assistance or advice, talk to a professional who specializes in air conditioning repair in Orange County, CA. He will make sure your unit is working with optimal efficiency. 

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