Your Springtime Maintenance Checklist for Air Conditioning Systems

Now that calendars have officially turned to spring, you’ll need to do maintenance checks on your HVAC systems on top of the usual all-around seasonal cleaning.

Take note you won’t only fine-tune the air conditioning to prep for warmer weather in Orange County. In the process, you’ll also be checking in on the heating mechanisms you relied on over the past wet and chilly months; it’s all part of pro-active, preventive maintenance.

Here’s a brief overview of what you or your contractor can do to keep your household HVAC humming along.

Check the refrigerant

The refrigerant is the liquid that cools indoor air; it will naturally need to be replenished for any air conditioning to be possible. Know the right amount optimal for your machine. Too much or too little refrigerant compromises a system’s efficiency.

Check the filters

Filters need to be changed every month, three, or six, depending on the kind you have – so it’s absolutely imperative to check and replace yours around the first quarter of the year. Without a clean and efficient filter, your cooling system will work doubly hard, leading to spiked costs, possible overheating, and potential machine failure.

Check the evaporator, coils, and drainage

Like the filters, these need to be free of build-up to ensure the air conditioning runs smoothly. Even before calling for professional help, you can inspect drainage by poking a paper clip or wire through the drainage hole at the base of the air conditioner (if your unit has one).

Clean and wash components

If your HVAC has components sitting out in your yard, then you better start clearing off any grass, leaves, sticks, dust, and other debris that accumulated around them over the winter – or worse, in them. With the recent wet spate over California, you may also want to check rusting in grills and fans, and replace them when necessary.

The interior components of your HVAC will also need a dusting, so to speak, but you can entrust that task to a professional.

Don’t forget the electricals

Don’t forget to make sure all electrical wires for your heating and cooling appliances are in good shape. There’s not much point to having a machine in tip-top condition when it’s at risk of getting short-circuited!

Of course, you couldn’t – and shouldn’t! – perform all these maintenance tasks on your own. Call your trusted Orange County air conditioning and heating team for assistance and advice on how to make your property comfortable in this and any season.


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