Air Conditioner Repair Laguna Hills Getting Ready For Spring

Spring is in the air–the days get longer, the air gets warmer, and your thoughts might turn to your HVAC system.  If you’re worried that turning your system on might require a visit from and  air conditioner repair Laguna Hills professional, you’ll want to check out our series of tips.  With a little “spring cleaning”, your HVAC system can work to keep you cool all summer long.


  1. Consider A Maintenance Call

While we’re going to give you a number of options for taking care of your HVAC system yourself, there’s no denying that the easiest way to make sure your system is running properly is to contact us and let us send one of our service professionals to give your system some TLC.  If the next few steps sound too complicated, don’t worry!  We are always here for you, and there’s no shame in calling for backup.


  1. Check Your Filters

Whether your system needs filters to be changed or simply cleaned, odds are that over the winter a lot of dust and dirt have accumulated.  Clogged or dirty filters can significantly increase the amount of work your system has to do in order to move air through your home, which can, in turn, significantly increase your cooling bills.  Take the time to check your filters, and if they’re dirty, either change or clean them.


  1. Check Your Vents

Dust accumulates inside your home, as well.  Pet dander, ash from fireplaces that are used during the winter, or simple accumulations of winter grit and grime can collect on the vents within your home.  When you’re doing your spring cleaning, take the time to use a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner and give the vents a good dusting.  This will prevent allergens from being forced into the air inside your home, and will also allow air to move more freely through your ducts, which reduces the amount of strain on your HVAC system.


  1. Check Your Thermostat                                         

Do you have a programmable thermostat yet?  If you’re hoping to beat high cooling bills, this could be the year to invest in one.  A programmable thermostat allows you to maintain the house as a comfortable temperature during the times when you’re actually there, without wasting energy cooling or heating the building while you’re at work.

While taking the time to manage your HVAC might seem like just one more chore on your spring cleaning checklist, it can make all the difference later in the year.  With a little bit of forethought this spring, this could be your most comfortable summer yet.




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