Worker repairing ceiling air conditioning unit

Residential air conditioning became popular in the US in the 1950s. In fact, over 1 million air conditioning units were sold in 1953 alone. Now, billions of homes around the world use the AC, not just as a standard amenity, but as a necessity.

Through time, air conditioning technology has likewise gone past its function of keeping rooms cool and comfortable. It has offered a lot more to modern homeowners such as:

  • Filtering indoor air and removing irritants such as airborne allergens and industrial pollutants
  • Dehumidifying air as it cools
  • Variable fan and speed settings
  • Smart thermostats which make controlling AC energy use easier than ever
  • Robust construction that can withstand tough weathers

Like any other appliances, the air conditioning system can serve you for a long time if it’s properly taken care of. It’s not as difficult and complicated as you might initially think.

You can maintain your air conditioner in three ways:

Changing the air filter regularly

The AC breathes through its filter, thus it struggles when the filter becomes clogged. Moreover, a dirty filter can wear out your fan prematurely and cause the fan to increase energy usage.

Having your AC unit tuned up every year

By getting your system ready, for example for the long summer ahead, you minimize any chances of breakdowns and likewise lengthen the life of your AC unit. Just make sure to only contact a licensed HVAC technician.

Scheduling energy audits periodically

If you observe that your energy usage is increasing and you’re not sure why, it may be time for you to do an energy audit. Through this, you’ll get the chance to identify issues that are costing you a lot of money. Most often, they’re related to climate control systems. Leaky ducts and hidden drafts are two of the most common issues you should be fixing.


Let’s celebrate AC Appreciation Week

Join us here at Phoenix Air Conditioning and Heating in celebrating the AC Appreciation Week. Start it at home by keeping your AC in tip-top condition. If you think your AC is a little overdue for an appreciation, it’s never too late. Contact us today at (949) 481-0204 for your air conditioning repair needs. 


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