Keep Your Air Conditioners Ready for the Fall Season

Summer’s almost officially over and, for many students, the new-school-year feeling has just barely started. Just like many others, for sure you, too, have a couple of things to do and you’re excited about it.

Before you forget, there’s one important home appliance that requires your attention, and that’s your air conditioning unit. Amidst the scorching heat, it kept you fresh and cool inside, so it’s just fair that you take good care of it through proper air conditioner repair and maintenance.

Here are some simple ways to maintain the optimum performance of your AC:

Clean the air ducts, airways, and blowers

Dirty ducts can cause contamination all throughout your house. Worse, this can cause what we call the Sick Building Syndrome. Protect yourself and your entire family by taking good care of all the ductwork. Moreover, ensure maximum efficiency of your AC by keeping the blades clean and the motor fully functional.

Examine the cooling tower

See if your AC is running but is not cooling properly. If so, fix any issues as soon as possible.

Check the status of the filters, pulleys, and belts

After a couple of weeks of continuously using your AC, it’s not impossible for its belts and pulleys to get worn out. Leaving them as they are when the winter is fast approaching would be both dangerous to you and your AC as dirty filters can cause contaminants to develop. Moreover, belts and pulleys can easily breakdown once you start your AC unit again.

Make sure there are no loose connections

Prevent power issues by ensuring all electrical connections are tight and secure.

Clean the condenser, evaporator coils, and condensate lines

Evaporator coils can get clogged with debris or get coated with dust and moisture. These are not good as they can really affect the overall performance of your AC. Worse, they can even lead to a major damage or a breakdown. Clean your AC while it is still easy to remove all the dust and grime.

Clean AC parts where molds can easily accumulate

Standing water can cause molds to develop inside your AC unit. Common culprits are clogged drains which can cause an overflow. This is a big mess if left unattended.

Inspect the refrigerant charge

One thing you wouldn’t want to see is a low refrigerant charge because this may mean a possible leak in your coils. Don’t wait for spring to come in before you do something about it.

Keep your unit away from harsh elements

Use a cover that’s mainly designed for AC units, but be careful not to completely wrap it airtight. Doing so can cause moisture to get trapped inside, and this can lead to rust and corrosion. Make sure it has some breathing room.

Give this job to the experts

The AC unit is comprised of complex systems which only a certified air conditioning repair technician knows how to figure out. In order to avoid more problems, refer all these tasks to an experienced team of professionals.

At Phoenix Air Conditioning & Heating, we don’t only spot and fix problems but, likewise, provide you means of improving the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

We serve both residential and commercial clients throughout Orange County, California. Call 949-481-0204 today for an appointment.

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