Keep Your Furnace Running And Avoid Costly Air Conditioner Repair Mission Viejo

When it comes to  air conditioner repair Mission Viejo and its sunny weather can make fixing that broken HVAC system a high priority.  However, if you’ve just installed a new system or if you want to be a good steward of the system you have, did you know there’s actually quite a lot that you can do to keep your system healthy?  Here’s our picks for the top good choices you can make to extend the life of your air conditioner.


  1. Change Your Filters

Like “eat your peas” and “sit up straight”, most of us know that we should regularly clean or change filters anywhere they exist.  However, many people fail to change or clean their air conditioner filter regularly, either because they don’t realize the importance of this simple step or because they forget to do it.  Why change your filters?  Simple.  If your system has to pull air through a thick layer of dust, animal air, or other dirt, it has to work harder to move the same volume of air.  If it has to work harder, it will wear out sooner.


  1. Keep The Area Around Your Outdoor Unit Clear

Everything from twigs, to grass, to leaves and even insects can get into your outdoor air conditioner unit.  Much like a dirty filter indoors, an exterior unit filled with debris can force your system to work much harder.  Take the time in the spring and fall to trim foliage and tree branches away from your unit, and inspect to make sure no insects are building nests inside.  If you do notice insects (such as wasps) taking up residence in your unit, contact a qualified exterminator.


  1. Keep Your Vents Open

While it might seem more frugal to close the vents in your house, your system is designed to run with all the vents open.  Closing a few of them to “save” heating or cooling a room can cause damage to your system.  Keep your vents open to prevent your air conditioner’s premature aging.


  1. Use A Programmable Thermostat

HVAC systems in general last longer when they don’t have to constantly cycle.  Using a programmable thermostat can help keep your home at an even, steady temperature, which in turn will prevent your air conditioner from excess cycling.  If you don’t already own a programmable thermostat, installing one can significantly improve both your heating and cooling costs and the lifespan of your unit.

Finally, one of the best ways to keep your air conditioner in prime condition is with regular service.  We would love to discuss with you all the ways that a service can help your air conditioner perform better for longer.  Why not protect your investment by giving us a call today?




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