Quality Maintenance: Not Your Typical Tune-Up

Through the Quality Maintenance rebate program, SDG&E customers with an existing central heating and A/C unit are eligible to receive a $50 System Assessment & Improvement ($300 value), and qualify for rebates for advanced services and upgrades.

Phoenix Air Conditioning & Heating will thoroughly inspect your system and equipment, including checking airflow, fan, motors, furnace, condenser and evaporator coils, compressor, air filter, and electrical components. Additionally, several energy savings measures are completed, such as changing the air filter and cleaning the condenser coil, yeilding immediate energy savings for only $50 per system. At the end of the visit, you will receive a detailed report showing any additional maintenance or repairs, and the rebates available to offset the costs.

Initial $50 System Assessment & Improvement includes:

  • Comprehensive inventory and assessment of your heating and A/C system, with a diagnostic report
  • Installation of an indoor efficient fan control device
  • Condenser coil cleaning*
  • Changing/cleaning the air filter

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Skipping your heating and A/C maintenance is like forgetting to rotate your tires. Things run fine for a time. Then performance and safety start to slide while your fuel consumption rises. Left unchecked, you can rack up major repair costs and jeopardize your health and safety.

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