importance of air duct cleaning

Once again, it’s summer. The beaches are far more enticing, and the cold drinks are thirst-quenching as ever. With heat projected to rise for as high as 91 degrees in Orange County, most people are expected to stay inside their homes with the comfort brought by their central air conditioning (AC) system.

Before you get too relaxed, examine your AC unit thoroughly and make sure it’s in tip-top shape. Check for some leaks, sensor problems, and drainage issues. Most importantly, check your air ducts for some signs of problems.

Why do Air Ducts need to be Cleaned?

Research reveals that dirty air ducts due to pet hair, dust mites, dead skin cells and even smoke from cooking, etc. are still the leading cause of allergies. With your AC expected to be used more frequently during this time of the year, you surely won’t want to put your health at risk. In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency advises homeowners to have their air vents cleaned when mold and dust are present in the home. This is exactly why expert air conditioning repair are needed into the picture.

The air ducts circulate the air coming from your heating and cooling systems thereby allowing consistent interior temperature all throughout the house. This is the same air you breathe, so you want to make sure it’s as clean as possible.

When ducts are clogged, the air conditioning or heating system will need to work harder in order to heat or cool your home, decreasing their efficiency. Also, stale smells in ducts coming from pets, molds, paint fumes, household cleaning agents are removed if you’ll have it cleaned in detail by air conditioner repair technicians.

Phoenix Air Conditioning and Heating has a competent air conditioner repair team capable of eliminating dust buildup in ducts and vents.They have an efficient and systematic ways of eliminating carbon monoxide and other chemicals which can cause symptoms such as headaches and breathing problems.

Don’t deprive your family the kind of comfort and the clean bill of health they deserve. Make it possible one “breath of clean air” at a time with Phoenix Air Conditioning & Heating.




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