Though it seems unlikely at first glance, but a properly working air conditioning unit can help make every worker in your office more productive. Everybody will agree that a cool and refreshing work atmosphere helps encourage clear thinking and banish bad moods. One survey has found that during warmer months, offices tend to suffer from a productivity decline of around 20 percent.

The ideal office temperature is 70.88 degrees Fahrenheit. Consequently, every 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit deviation above or below from this results in a one to two percent decrease in productivity.

That said, here are several other ways that good air conditioning can help with improving productivity in the office.

Air Conditioning Can Help Productivity

Less Stress And Frustration

Studies published in various medical journals have shown that extreme hot temperatures can have a detrimental effect on an employee’s mental state and productivity. In fact, experts say that the loss of an air conditioner even for just one day can lead to high levels of stress, frustration and exhaustion. 

Less Heat Felt From Electronics

Aside from the sun, your office can also easily get hot due to the presence of so much electronics in the area. Having an efficient air conditioner running keeps employees from feeling the heat from these. It is important to keep employees comfortable if they are performing highly analytical tasks. 

Say Goodbye To Health Problems

When the temperature around the office is hot, workers tend to experience some health problems due to excessive sweating. In mild cases, this could lead to an uncomfortable heat rash. However, in extreme cases, hot temperatures can trigger a heat stroke. With the office cooled down, you can avoid this from happening. Not to mention, you can expect a lot less sick days from everyone too.

Employees working in an office where temperature maintained at optimal levels are happier, more productive, and communicate much better. All of this translate to increased worker efficiency which will benefit any kind of business. Not to mention, when they are happy working in your company, there is much less chance that they would want to resign. That means less turnover for your company, which speaks volumes to anyone who wants to invest in your business.

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