Programmable Air Conditioning Thermostat

You could have a perfectly good air conditioner but not get the most out of it because of a faulty or outdated thermostat. Today, you have a lot of great programmable thermostats to choose from, with smart features and systems that make your life a whole lot easier. When selecting said devices, there are some decisions you need to make first.

Assess Your AC Unit

Before you can find the perfect programmable thermostat, you first need to determine what type of unit you have. After all, not all thermostats will work with your particular AC unit. Your unit may use a heater separate from the AC unit, for example, in which case you’ll need a thermostat that can function with both systems. Or, your unit may combine its heating and cooling units as one, which means you need an all-in-one type of thermostat.

Put Function First

Like many new Orange County air conditioning products and tech devices, programmable thermostats often look modern and visually striking. You should still prioritize function, not looks, when it comes to these devices.

Select thermostats that actually benefit your life in some way, such as a device that’s Wi-Fi enabled. This lets you connect to entertainment and control the HVAC settings with the smartphone or tablet of choice. Say goodbye to getting up in the middle of the night after getting settled in and comfortable.

Consider LCD Backlit Displays

Even though these thermostats pretty much run on their own once you’ve set up a cooling schedule, you may still need your fingertips to adjust some settings. This won’t be hard, even at night, when you select a thermostat with an LCD backlit display. As soon as you press a button, the screen lights up to give you ample clarity when trying to see what buttons to press.

Review Cycle Schedules

Not all thermostats have the same cooling cycles. Some allow you to set temperatures for each day of the week, while other models let you set two schedules, one for the week and one for the weekends. Choose a cycle that fits your family’s lifestyle.

While there are many programmable thermostats on the marketplace, you’ll know exactly which one to buy when you assess function, features, and user friendliness. Then, you can take full control of your home’s air conditioning in Orange County.

How to Use a Programmable Thermostat to See Real Savings,