If You Need Air Conditioner Repair Laguna Hills, Read This Article

If you have an air-conditioner for your home, then you know how much of a lifesaver it can be on those scorching hot days. If your AC unit is acting up, then it’s time for air conditioner repair Laguna Hills. There’s maintenance that you can do before that happens, however. If you follow these guidelines, you should be able to keep your AC running at peak efficiency.


The Power Is In Your Hands

The first thing you’ll want to do is shut off the power to the unit, as you would do working with any electrical component. On the compressor/exterior condenser, there should be a shut off box. Shut it off, then go inside and turn it off using the breaker box as well.


Cleanliness Is Key

Remove the compressor/exterior condenser fan cage. With a wrench or screwdriver, take off the fasteners and lift the fan grill away from the top of the unit. Then, take a look inside. If you see any leaves, sticks, trash, or other debris that has gotten in, remove it using a wet/dry vacuum, or your hands. Next, take off the outer covers and use a shop vac to remove all the dirt. A brush attachment is perfect for this. Then get a garden hose and gently spray through the fins to remove any debris that had built up there. Don’t use a pressure washer. That amount of pressure can damage the fins.


Straighten Up

If any of the fins are bent, you can gently push them back into shape using a butter knife. You want all the fins to be the right shape, as any abnormality can reduce efficiency. Be gentle. There’s tubing embedded in those fins, and you don’t want to damage it.


Exterior Cleaning and Level

Replace the fan cage, then rake or sweep away any dirt or leaves near the unit. If there’s any vegetation growing nearby, prune it back to ensure proper airflow. If you live in an area where there’s harsh winter weather, it’s helpful to cover the unit with a piece of plywood so that debris does not fall in. Don’t cover the sides, though. Moisture buildup can cause corrosion over time, and pests will be attracted to a completely covered unit. Finally, make sure that the unit is level. Over the years, the pad underneath the condenser unit can tip as the soil settles. If the condenser is not level, it’s more likely to fail.    

If  all these guidelines don’t work, your AC unit should be inspected by an air conditioning repair Laguna Hills experts like those at Phoenix Air Conditioning and Heating. Bear in mind that a properly functioning AC can keep you cool all summer long, and that’s a cause worth celebrating.


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