How to Save Money While Using Air Conditioners This Summer

It’s only less than a month since summer has started. This means you’re likely to spend more time on the beach to cool down or you’ll have to stay a lot more at home under the pity of your air conditioning (AC) unit’s cooling power. Either way, you’ll be spending some money to get yourself comfortable throughout the day.The good thing is you can still actually save while using your AC.

Sounds good? Here’s how you can save money through your air conditioner:

Know your AC unit

It’s important that you know how much power your AC needs to efficiently cool down your room. This means you’d need to have a unit with a cooling capacity that’s based on your room size. If you’re planning to install one for your 250 square-feet office, then you’ll need an AC unit with a 6,000 BTU cooling capacity. If you’re still not sure, never assume. It’s best to talk to a professional air conditioner expert for advice.


Look for the appliance’ energy label

Aside from knowing the specifications, it’s essential that you look for the yellow EnergyGuide sticker. This is where you can quickly find information about energy efficiency, consumption, and the projected operating costs of your appliance. You can then factor all of these to the selling price of the AC unit.


Moreover, only consider ACs that are Energy Star certified.Although they may sometimes cost more up front, you’ll get to save more money in the long run.


Ensure your AC unit is properly maintained

Indeed, prevention is better than cure. Before using your cooling unit extensively during the summer, make sure to have it cleaned and checked for possible repairs with the help of air conditioning repair technicians. If there are some issues found, have them fix it as soon as possible.


Invest in ceiling fans

Running a ceiling fan may only cost you less than a penny per hour. You, therefore, can run it along with your AC unit to make your room feel about 10 degrees cooler.


Call Phoenix Air Conditioning & Heating now for inquiries

The air conditioning unit is a lifesaver for everyone most especially during summer. Although you can always open your house at night or keep your shades shut down during the day, there’s almost nothing that can compare to the comfort brought by a good AC unit.

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importance of air duct cleaning

The Importance of Clean Air Vents

Once again, it’s summer. The beaches are far more enticing, and the cold drinks are thirst-quenching as ever. With heat projected to rise for as high as 91 degrees in Orange County, most people are expected to stay inside their homes with the comfort brought by their central air conditioning (AC) system.

Before you get too relaxed, examine your AC unit thoroughly and make sure it’s in tip-top shape. Check for some leaks, sensor problems, and drainage issues. Most importantly, check your air ducts for some signs of problems.

Why do Air Ducts need to be Cleaned?

Research reveals that dirty air ducts due to pet hair, dust mites, dead skin cells and even smoke from cooking, etc. are still the leading cause of allergies. With your AC expected to be used more frequently during this time of the year, you surely won’t want to put your health at risk. In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency advises homeowners to have their air vents cleaned when mold and dust are present in the home. This is exactly why expert air conditioning repair are needed into the picture.

The air ducts circulate the air coming from your heating and cooling systems thereby allowing consistent interior temperature all throughout the house. This is the same air you breathe, so you want to make sure it’s as clean as possible.

When ducts are clogged, the air conditioning or heating system will need to work harder in order to heat or cool your home, decreasing their efficiency. Also, stale smells in ducts coming from pets, molds, paint fumes, household cleaning agents are removed if you’ll have it cleaned in detail by air conditioner repair technicians.

Phoenix Air Conditioning and Heating has a competent air conditioner repair team capable of eliminating dust buildup in ducts and vents.They have an efficient and systematic ways of eliminating carbon monoxide and other chemicals which can cause symptoms such as headaches and breathing problems.

Don’t deprive your family the kind of comfort and the clean bill of health they deserve. Make it possible one “breath of clean air” at a time with Phoenix Air Conditioning & Heating.




Your Springtime Maintenance Checklist for Air Conditioning Systems

Your Springtime Maintenance Checklist for Air Conditioning Systems

Now that calendars have officially turned to spring, you’ll need to do maintenance checks on your HVAC systems on top of the usual all-around seasonal cleaning.

Take note you won’t only fine-tune the air conditioning to prep for warmer weather in Orange County. In the process, you’ll also be checking in on the heating mechanisms you relied on over the past wet and chilly months; it’s all part of pro-active, preventive maintenance.

Air Conditioning Expert Repairs

Air Conditioning Experts Share Tips on AC Maintenance And Repairs

There will come a time when you turn your air conditioning unit on, only to be greeted with silence. Though this event is inevitable, it can nonetheless be a nasty shock for you.

While it’s true that air conditioning units cannot last forever, you can further extend its service life through regular maintenance. It’s also vital that you’re familiar with the warning signs of air conditioning problems early on. By being proactive in spotting these signs, you can prevent the need for costly repairs in the near future.

Call an Expert for HVAC Repair

When Should You Call an Expert for Heater or Air Conditioning Repair?

Even if treated with the utmost care, an HVAC system will suffer some failures if it doesn’t receive regular maintenance. In fact, most air conditioning and heater failures occur during the season that you need these systems the most. After all, during these seasons, your HVAC works overtime to keep every occupant in your home or place of business comfortable.

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