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It might be always sunny where you live, but ignoring seasonal cleaning and maintenance for your HVAC system can lead to costly air conditioner repair bills.  According to the Department of Energy, properly maintaining your air conditioner by taking steps such as changing filters can actually reduce your system’s energy consumption by 5%-15%.  Finally, maintaining your system just makes sense: a quality HVAC system is a significant investment.  Why not ensure that you’ll get as many years of service out of your system as possible?


Here are our steps for making sure you’re taking the best care of your system:

  1. Keep It Clean


Your system works by moving air around your house.  This means it includes a number of points at which dust, dirt, and debris can collect.  Pay attention to the following when you’re doing your checks of the system:

  • Filters: Change or clean all filters monthly during the cooling season. This one step can greatly extend the life of your system.
  • Vents: Dust can collect along the vents inside your home, and then it’s sprayed into the air every time your system comes on. Vacuum the vents when you do your housecleaning, especially if you have allergies.
  • Intake vents: Like the vents that blow cool air into your home, the intake vents can also collect dust, pet dander, and other debris. Vacuuming them with your vacuum’s brush attachment can significantly reduce the work your air conditioner must do.


  1. Protect The Coil


Changing your filters regularly can keep the inside evaporator coil on your unit from getting dirty too quickly, but what about the outdoor condenser coil?  That can get dirty fast if your unit is near a source of debris, such as a dryer vent, a tree whose leaves can fall into the coil, or if it regularly gets exposed to debris from lawn mowing.  Visually inspect your outdoor coil and make sure to keep plants trimmed so they don’t overhang or fall into the unit.


  1. Plan For Winter


Will you be shutting off your unit for part of the year?  If so, that can be a good time to do any additional maintenance tasks that you’ve been putting off, like cleaning the area around your indoor unit, or trimming back foliage around the outdoor unit.  If you want, you can put a piece of plastic or plywood over the top of your outdoor unit to protect it from debris, but don’t cover it completely: this can cause moisture to build up and corrode the unit, or encourage vermin to nest inside.


  1. Call In The Pros


There are some tasks that you shouldn’t attempt to do by yourself.  If you work your HVAC system hard, call in the professionals and make sure you service it well.  At least once a year have an HVAC professional come and inspect and clean your unit indoors and out, its drains, and your thermostat.


Why put off air conditioning repair until there’s a problem?  With a little proactive care, you can enjoy a smoothly-running system for years to come.



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